Hose Crimping Machine: The Ultimate Guide to Hose Assembly

Hose crimping machines are essential equipment for any industrial, manufacturing, or automotive facility that needs to assemble hoses. They are designed to crimp hoses, thereby creating a secure connection between the hose and the fitting. Hose crimping machines come in different models, sizes, and configurations, and are widely used across various industries. In this article, […]

Hydraulic Hose Impulse Test: the Importance of 200,000 Times Impulse

Hydraulic Hose Impulse Test Machine

Hydraulic hoses are crucial components in various industrial applications, including heavy machinery, construction, and manufacturing equipment. They are responsible for transmitting hydraulic fluid pressure from one part of the system to another. However, these hoses can fail if they are not tested or maintained regularly, leading to costly downtime and safety hazards. This is where […]

How to choose the right fitting for hydraulic rubber hose?

When it comes to hydraulic systems, choose the right fitting for your rubber hose is critical for ensuring safety and efficiency. The fitting is the component that connects the hose to the rest of the system, and it must be chosen carefully to ensure a proper fit and leak-free operation. This article will guide you […]

The Best Hydraulic Hose Storage Idea for Long Shelf Life

hydraulic hose storage

It is not a secret that properly storing your hydraulic hose helps increase its lifespan. Poor storage conditions, on the other hand, will cause your hydraulic hoses to fail earlier than they should. You don’t have to worry about storing hydraulic hoses improperly. With the right storage solutions and information, which you’ll find in this […]

7 Steps to Repair Hydraulic Hose

repair hydraulic hose

Most industrial vehicles, heavy-duty equipment, and industrial machines use hydraulic hoses for power transmission. These hoses generally tend to be quite durable and reliable, though they might eventually leak or break after working for a certain amount of time. If you need help diagnosing this problem, seek out a certified professional specializing in hydraulics who […]

A Guide to Identify Hydraulic Hose Fittings

indentify hydraulic hose fitting

Hydraulic hoses, pipes, tubes, and cylinders rely on fittings to work properly. Hence, the importance of using the appropriate hydraulic hose fittings is undeniable. These fittings are of several types. They vary depending on thread types, sizes, and configurations, among other factors. All of them appear so similar, it is often difficult to spot the […]

When should you replace your hydraulic hose

replacing your hydraulic hose

This article works on when should you replace your hydraulic hose and some tips on how to replace them. Using damaged or worn-out hydraulic hoses in your hydraulic systems is a disaster waiting to happen. Fluid leaking is one of the main risks of using such hoses, as the hydraulic fluid is usually hot. When […]

5 Tips To Extend Hydraulic Hoses Lifespan

Extend hydraulic hoses lifespan This article works out how to extend hydraulic hoses lifespan, some factors including storage, environment, and usage are covered in the whole life of the hydraulic hose. Hydraulic hoses are crucial to the smooth operation of a wide range of machinery. These hoses deliver pressurized fluid to the machinery for motion […]

Braided Hydraulic Hose VS Spiral Hydraulic Hose

hydraulic hose

It is important that you install the right hose type for your hydraulic system to work efficiently. You’ll find rubber, thermoplastic, and Teflon hydraulic hose among the top options in terms of construction. However, the above refers to the outer layer of the hose. In addition to the inner tube, hydraulic hoses usually come with […]

Ultimate Guide to Choose Hydraulic Hose Ferrules

hydraulic hose ferrule

Why does your hose assembly leak? Have you purchased cheap hoses? Or a subpar ferrule? NO! Maybe your ferrule and Hose are both top-notch! Why do leaks exist, though? We know that the Hydraulic Hose Ferrules are used to assemble couplings and fittings on hydraulic hoses (rubber or PVC hoses with a textile braid or […]